Check out this great article that The Knoxville News Sentinel wrote about us.

Eight years ago Leslie Naylor became a vegetarian. It was after viewing the documentary “Meet your Meat,” about factory farming, that her decision was made.

Today she is the owner of Sanctuary Vegan Cafe, 151 N. Seven Oaks Drive, a new West Knoxville restaurant that opened on Dec. 15.

“I am a cancer survivor and had decided to cut red meat out of my diet when one day my oldest daughter said she wanted me to watch this video. I watched it with my youngest daughter Hayley. Afterward we looked at each other and said we would never eat meat again. I’ve been 100 percent meat-free for eight years and a vegan for five years,” she said.

As a vegan she found it difficult to find many suitable Knoxville eateries in which to dine out. That’s what spurred her decision to open the business. She has no restaurant experience other than having served as a waitress and a manager of a Denny’s when she was younger. Her career for the last 23 years has been selling used books via the internet.

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